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It doesn't compare to anything on the market

Now I got home and looked carefully at the purse. She is absolutely gorgeous! It doesn't compare to anything on the market. Congratulations! You can put me on the list for the beige one right now!

I am picky about bags

I was also pleasantly surprised. The bag is very well thought out. I'm picky about bags and I'm glad to see a Romanian brand that can be something cool, original, but also chic and classic at the same time.

I can't take my eyes off her

I want to thank you once again for everything! I just received the bag and I can't take my eyes off it. Is wonderful! You are very talented and I am very happy to be the happy owner of a bag made by such a talented Romanian designer. Good luck!

I have RITA from 2019, WHITE

Hello! I also wanted to leave you two words of encouragement: I have the RITA White from 2019. It has held up incredibly well, it hasn't gotten dirty at all. It's luxury quality as I've seen with top brands and I recommend you with great love to all my friends. Good luck with the brand!

A purse gem

The bag is really a gem! It's very nicely finished and I like that it's grained. It's actually harder to scratch. I hope the color doesn't transfer to it when worn. In any case, I will definitely order again and recommend you.

I want it in beige too!

The purse arrived at me too! She's gorgeous. Unfortunately, it only arrived today, because I couldn't miss it from the office, but it's very, very beautiful! I am very happy with her! Thank you. I'll probably want one in beige as well, as soon as possible. It was worth the wait!